CareLink Pro Software (Init)

CareLink® Pro Therapy Management Software


CareLink® Pro Software

Treating diabetes is complex. But with CareLink Pro Software, you can access essential insights to make treatment decisions easier than ever. This cutting-edge software offers a complete view of patient information, so you can spend less time interpreting data and more time working on solutions with your patients.

CareLink Pro creates efficiencies that save you time
  • Is an essential part of the world's only integrated diabetes management system.
  • Allows you to review insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), and meter data in one convenient place.
  • Enables you to link to your patient's CareLink Personal account for simple data transfer.

CareLink Pro provides the insights you need to make better treatment decisions.
  • Highlights specific patient events and behaviors so you can easily see what matters most.
  • Generates easy-to-read reports that you can use to educate and motivate patients.
  • Now identifies patterns and offers therapy considerations, helping you spend less time on interpretation and more time.
  • Working on solutions with your patients.