Dahboard: CareLink Pro 24-hour Visual Analysis

Therapy Management Dashboard1

Provides a snapshot of the most important patient information in one place.

CareLink® Pro Software

Sensor Overlay*
Sensor glucose tracings assist in identifying excursions and/or patterns.

Insulin Profile Graph
24-hour insulin delivery information. The solid green line represents the basal profile at the end of the reporting period. The dashed green line represents the average active daily bolus insulin based on the active insulin time set in the patient's device.

Sensitivity and Carb Ratio Section
Sensitivity factors and carbohydrate ratios over 24 hours based on the most recently programmed device settings.

Bedtime to Wake-up Sensor Overlay*
Sensor tracings from bedtime to wake-up help identify overnight patterns.
Meal Sensor Overlay*
Realigns sensor tracings around meals (at the time carbohydrates are entered into the Bolus Wizard*) to assess pre- and post-meal control.

Statistics Table
Key summary statistics.

Hypoglycemic Patterns Table*
Number of hypoglycemic patterns, time period in which the patterns occurred, and number of episodes that occurred during each time period. The top three patterns are listed based on the frequency of episodes3.
Hyperglycemic Patterns Table*
Number of hyperglycemic patterns identified and time period in which the patterns occurred. The top three patterns are listed based on the magnitude of AUC (Area Under the Curve) above target.

Pump Use and Sensor Use Tables
Key pump and sensor statistics. This table may also display the number of Threshold Suspend events and duration if your device supports the Threshold Suspend feature.

Action Plan
Record notes for patient records, comments and recommendations for therapy, and/or documentation for health insurance providers.
*Targets determined by provider during report setup
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Episode Summary

Uncovers issues and offers therapy considerations, giving you more time to focus on solutions with your patients.

CareLink® Episode Summary

Hypo- and Hyperglycemic Episode Charts
  • Reveals key events that happened prior to the patient's hypo- and hyperglycemic episodes.
  • Provides you with quick insight into possible areas to prioritize and address.
Therapy Considerations
  • Offers guided therapy considerations based on the most common events and observations identified.
  • Allows you to quickly assess these considerations for treatment planning.
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    Action Plan
    • Allows you to record notes for patient records, patient instructions, or health insurance documentation.

    CareLink® Pro Reports now Display Threshold Suspend

    Taking diabetes management to a new level.

    CareLink® Threshold Suspend This symbol highlights Threshold Suspend events on reports, enabling you to have more informed conversations with patients. Threshold Suspend automatically stops insulin delivery when sensor glucose values reach a preset low threshold, similar to some of the functions of a healthy pancreas. Threshold Suspend displays on the following CareLink Reports: Sensor & Meter Overview, Logbook, Therapy Management Dashboard, Device Settings Snapshot, Daily Detail and Adherence

    93% of patients who use threshold suspend automation feel more secure and confident in treating their diabetes.1

    Below are examples of how threshold suspend display on a few CareLink Pro Reports:

    CareLink® Therapy Management Dashboard CareLink® Sensor & Meter Overview Report: Sensor Overlay
    CareLink® Adherence Report CareLink® Logbook Report

    1. User evaluations. Data on file, Medtronic MiniMed, Inc., Northridge, CA.