Introducing the iPro®2 myLog App


iPro2 myLog Mobile App with FoodPrint

An easy and convenient way to log events while on an iPro2 professional CGM evaluation – now including the FoodPrint report!

  • FoodPrint identifies and grades patient food choices based on the body’s reaction to glucose
    • Information that can help personalize therapy and lifestyle changes
    • Simultaneously creates patient record in CareLink iPro software
    • Provides a clear visual to improve patient awareness and engagement
  • iPro2 myLog improves the professional CGM evaluation process
    • Patients shown to log 4X more events using myLog vs. manual sheet1
    • Events automatically upload into CareLink iPro software reducing staff effort
    • Logging meals are as easy as snapping a photo
    • More events can help lead to a more personalized therapy plan

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1. Medtronic CareLink iPro data on file

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