MiniMed Connect

The MiniMed® Connect App

Better Data. Better Care.

Managing patients is easier with the MiniMed® Connect App
Managing diabetes is complicated. You need every spare minute to focus on patient care. Now you can make office visits more efficient with MiniMed Connect – and help your patients more easily manage their diabetes.

Automatic uploads to CareLink® Personal software
The MiniMed Connect App links a MiniMed 530G pump and CGM system to an iPhone® or iPod touch®. Your patients’ data is automatically sent to CareLink Personal software.

With daily uploads to CareLink Personal software, your office can easily access the data – eliminating the need for manual pump downloads during visits.

MiniMed Connect

Diabetes data in easy reach for your patients
The MiniMed Connect App lets your patients check their sensor glucose levels discreetly and conveniently on their mobile device. The more they see their levels, the more they can adjust for better control.

Your patients can also allow caregivers to see their CareLink Personal reports and receive text messages when glucose levels are outside of the set range.