2016 Q4 The Next Best Thing: MiniMed 630G with SmartGuard Technology

The Next Best Thing:
MiniMed® 630G with SmartGuard Technology

“I couldn’t turn down that slice of birthday cake for my coworker’s birthday.”
“My child begged me to take her bicycling—how could I refuse?”
“I’m so scared of getting hypoglycemia after I go to bed, I can’t sleep!”

THE NEXT BEST THING: MiniMed 630G with SmartGuard Technology

Life poses challenges, and your patients with diabetes rely on you to help them cope with the unexpected, whether it’s an extra treat, unplanned exercise, or even simply ensuring a good night’s sleep. You can’t always be there, but knowing that your patients are able to manage their diabetes on their own – with the help of the latest tools – is the kind of peace of mind that allows you and your patients to sleep well at night.

MiniMed 630G with SmartGuard technology is the latest in the family of MiniMed tools. It provides your patient with protection and flexibility to manage their diabetes day and night using the most advanced insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems available in the U.S. today.

The improved SmartGuard technology on the new MiniMed 630G system helps reduce the risk of lows*, particularly at night when more than half of hypoglycemia occurs. SmartGuard technology automatically suspends insulin when the CGM detects sensor glucose levels at your patient’s predetermined low setting. You know your patients best; therefore you can customize the low limit values to fit your patient’s schedule and needs 24-7, giving patients the freedom to work, play, and sleep with more confidence that hypoglycemia won’t disrupt their routine, or worse, put them in danger.

Since the launch of the SmartGuard technology– also known as suspend on low, approximately 1.5 million low glucose suspension events have occurred, mainly at night. You and your patients both know how even mild nocturnal hypoglycemia can disrupt sleep, and you worry about severe hypoglycemia causing seizures or death. The added assurance of SmartGuard technology, offers peace of mind that everyone can rest easy.

Life is full of unexpected challenges and tremendous opportunities, and you’re always ready and able to help your patients overcome the former while taking advantage of the latter. Having the right tools can make life a lot easier, for both of you. You and your patients can count on the MiniMed 630G system with SmartGuard technology to provide better glucose control, protective action, and personalized diabetes management, and that translates into the confidence patients want in managing their diabetes care.

  • *As measured by sensor glucose readings.