The launch of the MiniMed® 530G with Enlite® has generated record levels of interest and excitement from the diabetes community and has naturally led to some practical questions about implementing this advanced technology.

Accordingly, you’ve asked for more tips and tricks to help you and your patients leverage the system to its fullest potential. With that mission in mind, be sure to check this space every issue for valuable Pointers & Pearls that you can start using immediately.

This installment focuses on patient education resources. Future columns will go deep on additional practical, actionable advice: tape tips, CONTOUR® NEXT LINK meter techniques for self-monitoring, a system calibration guide, and maximizing CareLink® software, the Enlite® sensor/serter, Threshold Suspend, and more.


VIDEOS TO HELP PATIENTS UNDERSTAND SG VS BG: When transitioning patients from multiple daily injections or other therapies to an integrated pump system with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), it can sometimes be challenging to explain the difference between sensor glucose (SG) and blood glucose (BG). If you’ve ever wished you had a simple way to help patients grasp this complex concept, check out this video, which you can easily share with patients in the office or ask them to watch at home.

On a related topic, this video uses a memorable roller coaster analogy to explain the ups and downs of glucose levels throughout a typical day, why BG does not always equal SG—and why that’s okay.



Additional patient videos are available through our Patient Video Library:

OTHER LINKS OF INTEREST TO PATIENTS: Be sure to share these resources with patients, to support your efforts and to provide them with a community where they can get and share information about their disease.

The LOOP Blog:
News to Infuse Newsletter:

KEY MESSAGE—METER MATTERS: Communicating at least one key message to patients at each visit is vital to their success—and yours. Here’s one that can benefit every patient:

“When using the MiniMed® 530G system with the CONTOUR® NEXT LINK meter, it is important to remind your patients that you calibrate CGM systems 3 to 4 times per day for optimal glucose sensor accuracy.”
(Sources: MiniMed 530G User Guide, Paradigm REAL-Time Revel System Insulin Pump User Guide)

HELPING YOU HELP PATIENTS: To aid your practice and make it easier for you to assist your patients, we’ve compiled a Professional Resource Library with useful materials that you can download and share: You’ll find product sheets for the various components of the MiniMed® 530G with Enlite®, an assessment tool for insulin pump therapy and personal CGM, a blood glucose logsheet, airport card, and many other handy tools and resources.