Carelink Pro Software

CareLink® Pro Therapy Management Software

Threshold Suspend displays on CareLink Pro reports

Comprehensive reports that help simplify diabetes management

Gain insights for more informed treatment decisions
  • CareLink will help you identify glucose trends so you can optimize your patients' therapy
  • CareLink can help you make more precise therapy adjustments
  • Make better therapeutic decisions with comprehensive clinical data
Obtain greater efficiency in your practice
  • CareLink collects and organizes information from the pump, CGM and meter in one set of reports
  • Provides therapy considerations enabling you to spend less time interpreting data and more time discussing solutions with your patients

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CareLink Pro Software - Graph
Sensor Overlay
  • Shows how glucose control, insulin delivery, and key settings align over a 24-hour period.
  • Helps you easily identify possible cause-and-effect relationships.
Pattern Identification
  • Identifies the exact times of highs and lows to eliminate guesswork.
  • Prioritizes patterns so you know which times of day are most challenging for your patient.
Action Plan
  • Allows you to record notes for patient records, patient instructions, or health insurance documentation.