MiniMed Connect


MiniMed® Connect App

Save five minutes per patient* with no manual pump downloads
The MiniMed Connect mobile accessory automatically uploads full pump and sensor data to CareLink® therapy management software daily. This eliminates the need for manual pump downloads — which can give back two full work days per month in your practice. The MiniMed Connect app helps drive positive outcomes for your patients and can help improve your clinic’s workflow.

Easily accessible data can provide a more efficient patient visit
The MiniMed Connect app lets your patients check their sensor glucose levels conveniently and discreetly on their mobile device. The more frequently your patients see their levels, the more they can adjust for better control.

Better therapy optimization in patients using CareLink software and MiniMed Connect app:
  • 2 fewer severe lows** per patient per year
  • 41 fewer severe highs** per patient per year
  • 66% of patients stayed in range** more often

*Medtronic data on file.
**Retrospective analysis of data uploaded to CareLink database for 2,794 patients using the MiniMed Connect device and app for at least 60 days. Data is compared to prior 60 days of CareLink data before using MiniMed Connect app. All data based on sensor glucose measurements.